Friday, April 17, 2009

Time to Dust the Blog

Well, the ol' blog has been gathering dust as of late. I know everyone is working on new things, and I want to invite all to take a gander at what the Miller students have been doing since our discussion of Night. Once again, I want to say the student work done during our collaboration still amazes me. I am proud to have been a part of it. Miller students have been creating digital multigenre projects. To get a look follow the link.

Miller Student Projects

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Learning about the Rwanda Genocide was very interesting to me. It made me realize how sheltered I am from many harsh realities, I didn't even know that genocide was still occuring in the world today. The movie Hotel Rwanda was really an eye opener. I never imagined that something like that could of happened only 15 years ago. Hutus running around with machetes hacking up every innocent Tutsi they saw, Tutsis being forced out of their homes and put into the streets filled with flying bullets and slashing machetes. Hutus were trying to kill off all of the Tutsis. They started to target the children so they could kill off the next generation of Tutsis. Everything I learned about the Rwanda genocide was shocking and sick. All of the madness and killing seemed almost surreal. How could anybody be so heartless and cruel. How could someone be so brutal towards innocent children? Then I realized It was a modern day holocaust. The Rwanda Genocide was no different than the Nazis targeting the Jews. The sad thing about the Rwanda genocide was that Tutsis and Hutus that were married were ripped apart. Families, homes and lives were ruined by the modern day holocaust.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the movie Hotel Rwanda the Rwanda was genocide against the Hutu and the Tutsi. The Hutu killed all of the Tutsi they could. They killed millions of Tutsi during this genocide. Another genocide like this was the Holocaust. During the Holocaust the Nazi’s killed millions of Jews. This was close to Rwanda because millions of people died for no reason really. In both genocides there were one big group that were targeted. In Rwanda there were one big group that killed this was the Hutu, they killed the Tutsi. This is like the Holocaust because there were one big group that killed the Jews this was the Nazi’s.

Tutsi and Hutu people

Rwanda Genocide is mass killing of different groups that other people think that they are taking over like how the Jews were murdered by the Germans because they were different. The Hutu people went to the Tutsi homes and killed them with machetes and called them cockroaches. When two people from both the Tutsi and the Hutu were together it sometimes cause problems because of them fighting and with all the murdering. They were burning down the houses and shooting them out on the streets. The Hutu's thought that the Tutsi were trying to be higher power than them so they had to kill them to keep their power.
I thought the Rwanda genocide was very interesting. The Movie Hotel Rwanda was also full of great helpful information. I thought it was kind of confusing and hard to follow at some parts. I do not get how they could really tell the difference between one another. I know there where different body traits and different features but they did not look to different from each other.


The movie Hotel Rawanda was based on a genocide between the Hutus and the Tutsis. The Hutus were the ones who killed the Tutsis. It all started because the Tutsis were blamed for the killing of the Hutu president. which they really didn't kill him they just blamed it on them so they had an excuse to kill the Tutsis. Going through what the Tutsis had to go through would just be horrible I could not go through that, being killed for no reason and cant do anything about it.
The Rawanda genocide was allot like the Holocaust but allot different to. It was a killing of an entire population but they were killed in different ways. The Jews were killed in camps and the tutsis were killed with machutes on the streets and left to die.

Genocide and Holocaust

The Rwanda Genocide was a killing of the Tutsi by the Hutus. We as a class watched the movie Hotel Rwanda, and it showed how the Hutus rose up and started to kill off all of the Tutsis. What struck me the most was probably how the Hutus used machetes to kill the Tutsis off so barberically. It just struck me in aw. The difference between the Rwanda Genocide and the Holocaust is that the Holocaust was organized. It had people in power and people who had jobs, and also it was undercover. The Rwanda Genocide was open and everyone around the world saw what was happening.

actions, human or beast?

The Rwandan Genocide was a horrible atrocity, but we all know that. the Hutu were just killing randomly, more times than people know the Hutu had to look at id to know for sure if they were killing a Tutsi. It also compares to the holocaust because of the rapid extermination of a single type of people. The Hutu wanted a reason to kill the "cockroaches" so they killed their own Hutu president. And then the had the audacity to blame it on the Tutsi. All the movie did for me was really show me how the genocide hurt so many lives and just really explained how violent the Hutu were in their way of murder. They couldn't even kill them in a regular way, they used how does that make a person feel, to know that humanity-the superior race mind you-can succumb to such...i don't even know a word to explain how it was.

Past and Present

After reading and watching videos on the Rwanda Genocide so many tutsi's were murderd by the hutu's. The main weapon used by the hutu's to kill the tutsi's was the machete. All of this reminded me about what the nazi's did to the Jews. Everyone said after the holocaust "never again" will something like that happen but it is now it happened in the 90's with Rwanda and also right now in Darfur. I couldn't believe what the jews had to go through in the holocaust and now seeing what has happened in Rwanda and what is happing in Darfur right now is very similar.

Hotel Rwanda and Genocide...

Before watching the movie, I knew very little about the Rwandan genocide. I knew that it involved the Hutus and the Tutsis. What I gathered from the movie was that the genocide in Rwanda was more in the open. In the Holocaust the Nazis tried to hide what they were doing. The Hutus broadcasted it over the radio. The choice of weapon wasn’t exactly what I expected. Instead of using guns, they used machetes. And they called the Tutsis cockroaches. It seems that the Hutus were ruthless and careless, while the Nazis appeared to show some, although very little, mercy. This movie for some reason did not evoke the same emotions in me as the Holocaust; I wasn’t sad or angry. But I did recognize the feeling of being helpless, useless. In all, it was a good movie. I learned more than I expected and saw more than I expected.

Chopping off Heads Picture wouldnt work

Watching this movie me gave a background on the genocide occurring in Rwanda. It was something I was familiar to, the mass killings of an inferior race. This movie stressed what it was like just to try and live another day. Almost all genocides are the same in that way that you have to do whatever you can, especially communicate, just to live. One major point that stuck out for me was that Hutu's killed the Tutsi's with machetes. How could you chop somebodies head off even if you were forced too. Watching these movies is tough. Mass killings is something that doesn't catch my attention. Something we can all learn from these movies is to never let it happen again.

Rwandan Genocide & Hotel Rwanda

The Rwandan Genocide was a mass killing of Tutsis. In Hotel Rwanda they showed a realistic view of what happened in Rwanda. The Hutus were the ones killing the Tutsis. The Hutus, if you think of social classes, were beneath the Tutsis. The Tutsis were more educated and had more political power. That soon changed over night. The Hutus broke out and started killing the Tutsis. What stuck out in my the most was how they killed and how they talked about them. The "cockroaches" were killed mainly by machetes. If they got away the Hutus had "marked" them for life. The Hutus also went after children because they wanted to take out the Tutsis future. Comparing it to the Holocaust, the Tutsis weren't tortured in camps like Jews were but by down grading and killing them you can say it was the same... a genocide.

Rwandan Inspire

Rwanda, before our class learned about it, I had no clue that it took place. When I saw what happened my heart ached. It hurt to know that men, women, and children were being murdered and there was close to no one to help. The United Nations were there but they didn’t really do any good because they didn’t shoot. So there basically was no one to help the Tutsi’s. One part in the movie really hit me was when a camera man got a story and very graphic footage on the murder that the Hutu’s were committing. One of the Hutus that helped the Tutsis (Paul) thought that it was great news, that after people saw what was happening people would help. There was hope. The news man said no, people will watch this while they are eating their supper and say wow that’s terrible, and then go on eating. They wont do anything to stop it. Its sick that innocent people were getting murdered and people just sat back and watched. The people tried to help couldn’t save them, because the weapons weren’t there and the chances for winning were low.
Rwanda and Holocaust were similar in some ways. A mass race was being killed. The problem was is that there were very few people who helped the Tutsis and the Africans, the Jews were helped in a little more ways then the Africans were. A man in the movie said something that really hit me in a way I never expected. He said they wont help you, your black worse than that you dirt, you’re an African. Those words are harsh but the problem was that it was true. It seemed as though people thought that since they were Africans they didn’t matter. They weren’t any different then the Hutus except that they were lighter skinned, taller and had more knowledge of things. That would be like us being if you are white you were a “Tutsi” tanner “Hutu”. The thing is many of the people could have been twins, but they were labeled. Over all it was very sad to watch people kill people with no sympathy, but with laughs. Instead of tears satisfaction. Instead of children, death, escapes none, help nowhere.


"Hotel Rwanda" was a movie showing the tragic happenings that occurred during the Genocide in Rwanda. The Hutu's were killing the innocent Tutsi's. They didn't kill them with guns, they killed them by machetes. They were burning down the houses and beating people on the streets. There were hundreds beyond hundreds of people walking down the streets just trying to find a safe place to stay. Paul had to give the Hutu's everything he had just to save his family and friends. There was an estimated six hundred people staying at the hotel just so they could be safe, but what they didn't know was that they Hutu's would soon come for them also. Paul kept them safe for a while by bribing the Hutu's with money and alcohol, but he couldn't do it much longer because he was running out of supplies. One part that bothered me was when the Hutu's kept calling the Tutsi's "cockroaches". They weren't even doing anything wrong and they were being treated so badly. The Rwandan Genocide was in a way the same as the Holocaust. They were both simply a mass killing of the lower class. Also in Rwanda these people weren't put into concentration camps unlike the people in the Holocaust, but were still treated badly.

-Shelby E.