Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rwandan Inspire

Rwanda, before our class learned about it, I had no clue that it took place. When I saw what happened my heart ached. It hurt to know that men, women, and children were being murdered and there was close to no one to help. The United Nations were there but they didn’t really do any good because they didn’t shoot. So there basically was no one to help the Tutsi’s. One part in the movie really hit me was when a camera man got a story and very graphic footage on the murder that the Hutu’s were committing. One of the Hutus that helped the Tutsis (Paul) thought that it was great news, that after people saw what was happening people would help. There was hope. The news man said no, people will watch this while they are eating their supper and say wow that’s terrible, and then go on eating. They wont do anything to stop it. Its sick that innocent people were getting murdered and people just sat back and watched. The people tried to help couldn’t save them, because the weapons weren’t there and the chances for winning were low.
Rwanda and Holocaust were similar in some ways. A mass race was being killed. The problem was is that there were very few people who helped the Tutsis and the Africans, the Jews were helped in a little more ways then the Africans were. A man in the movie said something that really hit me in a way I never expected. He said they wont help you, your black worse than that you dirt, you’re an African. Those words are harsh but the problem was that it was true. It seemed as though people thought that since they were Africans they didn’t matter. They weren’t any different then the Hutus except that they were lighter skinned, taller and had more knowledge of things. That would be like us being if you are white you were a “Tutsi” tanner “Hutu”. The thing is many of the people could have been twins, but they were labeled. Over all it was very sad to watch people kill people with no sympathy, but with laughs. Instead of tears satisfaction. Instead of children, death, escapes none, help nowhere.

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