Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter 3 - Selection & the Angel of Death

I am continually impressed with the body of work you have been producing here in Breaking Down Barriers. The writing you continually put forth in your posts and comments increases your writing vocabulary and fluency and decreases your grammatical and spelling errors. Lately, I have seen you develop the skills to engage in written discussion, not always an easy task. It takes real skill to write about how you disagree with someone without coming across to some as rude. However, if you read something disagreeable with something you have written, look at this as an opportunity for discussion. In order to effectively discuss something, you need two things. First, you need to be well informed. In our case, this means you have read and understand the text. Second, you need an open mind to be able to see things from someone else's perspective. No one has a monopoly on "right." True enlightenment comes from an open mind.

To start our discussion of chapter 3 respond to two of the following questions/prompts.

1. In Auschwitz Jews went through a process. Describe the first 48 hours for Jews once the doors opened to the cattle cars. Describe what is lost or gained with each significant event.

2. Elie comes face to face with Josef Mengele. During the rest of the chapter Elie refers to him as the Angel of Death. Explain how Mengele wound up with this nickname. Describe the things he did to make himself notorious. What happened to the Angel of Death after the war?

3. Elie says, "We spoke of everything without mentioning those who had disappeared." Why would they not speak of them? To whom is he referring?

For the most part, your pictures have been great! Keep posting pictures appropriate to your posts.

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