Tuesday, January 13, 2009

actions, human or beast?

The Rwandan Genocide was a horrible atrocity, but we all know that. the Hutu were just killing randomly, more times than people know the Hutu had to look at id to know for sure if they were killing a Tutsi. It also compares to the holocaust because of the rapid extermination of a single type of people. The Hutu wanted a reason to kill the "cockroaches" so they killed their own Hutu president. And then the had the audacity to blame it on the Tutsi. All the movie did for me was really show me how the genocide hurt so many lives and just really explained how violent the Hutu were in their way of murder. They couldn't even kill them in a regular way, they used machetes........now how does that make a person feel, to know that humanity-the superior race mind you-can succumb to such...i don't even know a word to explain how it was.

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