Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Hotel Rwanda" was a movie showing the tragic happenings that occurred during the Genocide in Rwanda. The Hutu's were killing the innocent Tutsi's. They didn't kill them with guns, they killed them by machetes. They were burning down the houses and beating people on the streets. There were hundreds beyond hundreds of people walking down the streets just trying to find a safe place to stay. Paul had to give the Hutu's everything he had just to save his family and friends. There was an estimated six hundred people staying at the hotel just so they could be safe, but what they didn't know was that they Hutu's would soon come for them also. Paul kept them safe for a while by bribing the Hutu's with money and alcohol, but he couldn't do it much longer because he was running out of supplies. One part that bothered me was when the Hutu's kept calling the Tutsi's "cockroaches". They weren't even doing anything wrong and they were being treated so badly. The Rwandan Genocide was in a way the same as the Holocaust. They were both simply a mass killing of the lower class. Also in Rwanda these people weren't put into concentration camps unlike the people in the Holocaust, but were still treated badly.

-Shelby E.

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