Thursday, January 15, 2009


Learning about the Rwanda Genocide was very interesting to me. It made me realize how sheltered I am from many harsh realities, I didn't even know that genocide was still occuring in the world today. The movie Hotel Rwanda was really an eye opener. I never imagined that something like that could of happened only 15 years ago. Hutus running around with machetes hacking up every innocent Tutsi they saw, Tutsis being forced out of their homes and put into the streets filled with flying bullets and slashing machetes. Hutus were trying to kill off all of the Tutsis. They started to target the children so they could kill off the next generation of Tutsis. Everything I learned about the Rwanda genocide was shocking and sick. All of the madness and killing seemed almost surreal. How could anybody be so heartless and cruel. How could someone be so brutal towards innocent children? Then I realized It was a modern day holocaust. The Rwanda Genocide was no different than the Nazis targeting the Jews. The sad thing about the Rwanda genocide was that Tutsis and Hutus that were married were ripped apart. Families, homes and lives were ruined by the modern day holocaust.

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