Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Past and Present

After reading and watching videos on the Rwanda Genocide so many tutsi's were murderd by the hutu's. The main weapon used by the hutu's to kill the tutsi's was the machete. All of this reminded me about what the nazi's did to the Jews. Everyone said after the holocaust "never again" will something like that happen but it is now it happened in the 90's with Rwanda and also right now in Darfur. I couldn't believe what the jews had to go through in the holocaust and now seeing what has happened in Rwanda and what is happing in Darfur right now is very similar.

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Jack Marie said...

I agree with you Mike! People did say this would never happen again. But look what is going on in Darfur! Yeah. Do you think that something like that would come close to home?! For some reason I always believe that! Something like that could happen here! But then again I also believe that the government would do everything to stop it! Who knows!? :S