Monday, January 12, 2009

"Hotel Rwanda".. and the Holocaust.

The movie "Hotel Rwanda" depicts the Rwandan Genocide. The Hutus are tired of being ruled by the Tutsis, who are the minority group. So the Hutus form a militia, and basically start killing off as many Tutsis as possible. The Hutus who are against this and the Tutsis who are still alive try to hide from the militia in one of the biggest and nicest four-star hotels there. They are eventually found and some are killed, but the manager of the hotel managed to bribe the Hutu militia with alcohol and money in exchange for a few more days of their lives until the united kingdom comes to help. With the U.N.'s help and the rebels that are against the militia's help, the Rwanda refugees at the hotel get transported to an actual refugee camp protected by the U.N. This genocide is much like the Holocaust mainly because of the fact that they were both genocide, but the Rwanda Genocide and the Holocaust are very different mainly because of the difference of the number of casualties; with Rwanda losing around one million, and Germany losing around eleven million.

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Jackie G. said...

I really like how you explained what the genocide was. That was really good and just to let you know I really liked your post.