Monday, January 5, 2009

blogger response

I really liked using blogger because it was very helpful to me to get some feedback on what my group or what I post on the blog. Getting feedback I think was really important because it helps you become a better writer and some people need that feedback. I really liked getting the feed back because I knew what I had to fix if I needed to fix anything. I really also giving feedback because I think that if no one were to give feedback on other people’s work then they would think that they couldn't make their work any better. So I think that has really helped me because I can make improvements on my work as long as I have feedback on my work. Some people may criticize you for your work but you have to learn to ignore that or to change what you have written in a post. I think getting feedback for other students your age is a great thing to do.

Jackie Grady McCool Junction

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