Monday, January 5, 2009

So, This was a pretty fun semester. When I first found out about what we were going to be doing, My first thought was, great this will be as lame as it could get. As time went on it didn't turn out so bad. It was very intense at time hearing different peoples views on The Holocaust. When we first started this I didn't care for the idea because I didn't think i would be interested in The Holocaust, But it was a very interesting and I learned of new stuff about it. And to share ideas with each other in groups made it that much more of a learning experience. Over all I thought it was a lot of fun and it was better than doing homework everyday.

-Wade Taylor


donnie p. said...

wade i think you could have put more effort into the whole semester, and it shows that from your post you did find it boring and you didnt really care is that true?

Wade said...

Well well well Donnie P. I didn't find it boring and I think most will agree I did more group work than you. I did not care for you in are group, I thought you were worthless and a waste of space. You never did anything you slept and smelled like smoke all the time. It made me sick, not going to lie. So before you go questioning anyone or trying to impress Mrs.Bethune by acting like you know what your talking about, how about you go light up a smoke and think about everything and tell me what you learned by staring at the back of your eye lids all class period. Do you even know what we talked about? Was it ahh hmmm THE HOLOCAUST, you do you know what that is right bro.
Yeah didn't think so.