Monday, January 5, 2009

past and present

I believe the last semester was an…. exploration, an exploration into the minds and souls of the holocaust survivors. We, in the last 18 weeks, dove head first into heaven, hell and everywhere in between, from arguments to agreements, faith to no faith, god or no god, we have all done the best we could to understand the heinous crimes committed by the Nazi party, even though we may never know the full truth, we can at least say we gave it a try. That to me is all that matters. Most people don’t know much about the holocaust or what the word even means, and that is a very bad thing, I can’t remember who said this but “to learn from the past is to know that the mistake will not be made again”…now think about that, we learned that it is easy to get caught up in things such as in everyday culture: such as the wave and armed with that information we can insure the safety of perhaps millions of lives.

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