Monday, January 5, 2009


I admit at first I didn't really like the blog at all, but once we got going with it, it was something that seemed easy and fun but didn't turn out to be what I thought it would be. I think the blog has helped me understand more about The Holocaust and genocide. By interacting with students from a different state gave me a different outlook on what we were doing. We talked about so many different ideas from the book Night to the happenings in the Holocaust. It helped me learn so much more about the history behind the Holocaust that I never knew before. But there were times I had mixed feelings about the blogger. I liked interacting with students from a different state because they have different opinions and ideas, but at times i just didn't like it at all. Sometimes the assignments seemed so easy, but yet they were so hard for me to write up. Also some people would almost get competitive while they were giving each other comments. I mean there's nothing really wrong with that but its your own opinion don't be so harsh about every little thing said. Everyone has a right to voice their own opinions and sometimes it almost felt you couldn't or people would comment you badly. I'm not trying to pick out the people who might have done that, but thats just how I felt. That's their opinion so they can state it to, but maybe not so meanly. Over all blogger seemed to be an interesting learning experience in my eyes.

-->Shelby E.

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