Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rwandan genocide

In the movie hotel Rwanda it explains a lot of what happend during the Rwandan genocide. Most of which i didn't know like how the tutsi peaple were concidered the higher class of the two ,the tutsi's and the hutu's. the whole reasoning for the Rwandan genocide was that the tutsi rebels killed the hutu president. and in return the hutus think that they should start a genocide and exterminating the tutsis. killing any tutsi they came across even women and children. at the hotel there was over a thousand tutsi and hutu refuges looking for safty. with the UN and part of the hutu army protecting them. the hutu' s favorite way to kill them was with a machete. And in relation to the holocaust they were a lot alike a group of people that thought that they were better than any other so they decide they need to exterminate them.

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