Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogger Experience!

To me the blogger was a fun and great experience! Talking with others about the assignments and then going onto the blogger and stating our opinion was fun. You learn more about the people in your group and others backgrounds, like where they came from and what they believe in. I learned more about the Holocaust in the past semester than I ever knew and the book Night really helped! If I didn't quite understand something that went on in the book, my group was there for me to explain in a little better. Then when we went and posted our response to everything, we got even more people helping us out, stating their own opinions and what not. Which usually opened my eyes up even more and I tried to understand where they are coming from. Some of the posts became a bit harsh, it seemed like another war had started. But that is the whole reason for this blogger., learning and discussing about assignments. So to me this blogger was a great experience and I learned for it! Now, when someone doesn't agree with me, I take their opinion in and think things over ans see that they are right as will in some other ways!

McCool Jct. Post
By Jackie M.

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