Monday, January 5, 2009

Response To The Blog

I have to admit that I really didn't like blogging at first. It was hard for me to blog because I don't do it very often. For me it was a pain trying to put how I felt about the situations into words. I have so many mixed feelings about the Holocaust. I was scared to know what others would think of my opinion. After awhile I started to like it. I liked the input everyone would give. And I liked the fact that you could get a different look to everything. And if you didn't agree, you could have a debate. I liked hearing everyone's opinion. I started to really like it because we were interacting with others that we have never met before. Instead of our classmates that we know and have heard their opinions like one hundred times before, we got a new view. Many different opinions from people we have never met. It was a really fun way to learn. I would suggest that this continues because I think that others will benefit from it and really enjoy it like I have. It was also a great experience to open the mind and except others opinion and learn how to, even if you don't agree, respect their opinion. It was really hard to try to comment on someone's post that you didn't agree with. You didn't want to start a fight so you had to think hard about what and how you wanted to put your opinion into words. Which for me that is a good way to improve your writing. Overall, I think that the blog has been a great experience and I really liked hearing everyone's opinions and advice that they have given. It takes courage to express your opinion.
Andrea Root

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