Monday, January 5, 2009


The blogger was definitely interesting, and never dull. I liked doing the responses to the questions, because we were answering questions to history. I mean we weren’t there in that place but the book gave us a feel of the pain they went through. The blogger gave me an outlook on the holocaust. You got to write what you felt and you got to look at other peoples’ post who maybe made the situation more clear. It was fun being in groups, because then you can have a bunch of different opinions. Like say there could be people that have a very strong faith in God and maybe a couple that don’t, that would make the post very interesting. I like how you could put down what you felt and either people liked it or they didn’t. It really showed opinions. Sometimes it made it a little tense though.
Dislikes. I really didn’t have that much against it, but sometimes I felt when there was a real powerful question people didn’t answer the question to the fullest. Also when people did write good posts sometimes groups would kind of shoot posts down. Not all of the time, but I must say we were all very head strong. I didn’t like the tension that I felt that was going on sometimes between groups. It made me a little intimidated to write some things that I felt because I felt that I would get rejected. I’m a person that doesn’t like criticism I know it had to be done, but I can be very sensitive in that subject J.
Otherwise the blogger was okay. I mean you got to see very many sides of opinions that definitely weren’t pointed out before, but sometimes opinions are opinions and we all seemed to forget that a little when people wrote what they felt.

*Lindee Jackson

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