Friday, November 21, 2008

A Fresh Start

How did the Nazis determine if someone was Jewish?

Some of the Nazi leaders went to the Rabbi of the synagogues and told them to give them a list of all Jewish people who attended the temple.

If a Christian says they are not a Christian, are they still a Christian?

Through our groups faith we believe that if a Christian was to denounce Christ like that then they never were truly a Christian. For if you have true faith then through any circumstances you will be comfortable to say that you are a Chrsitian. For no Christian should fear anything including death as the Bible states.

If a Jewish woman marries a Gentile, is the man considered Jewish?

The man is not considered Jewish, if he is a Gentile that is married to a Jewish woman. However the children they have would be considered Jewish according to the Torah. The Torah states that the original and current Jewish definition of a born Jew is someone whose mother is Jewish. If a Jewish man marries a Gentile woman then the children born to them are not considered Jewish.

What happened to the survivors of the Holocaust? Did they return home? Why or why not? How did the international community help them?

They did not return to their previous home because most likely their home was inhabited by someone else. They currently had no home. For some Jews it was just to much to go back home. For most of them they just wanted a fresh start. They allowed them to immigrate to different countries.

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NIV Study Bible/ And Coach Stokes for letting us borrow it.

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Lindee said...

I liked how your group told about that if your were a christian once and then you deny it are you a christian? IN my opinion no, because like you said we aren't suppose to be scared of death, so if they deny it then yes they are scared.

Kyle said...

Your post seems pretty accurate. I agree on the last question that even if their house was still open, more than likely, they would want to have a new start and try to forget the past.

Andrea said...

I agree with Lindee... Why are people afraid of death when all you are doing is moving on to meet Him at the Pearly Gates?

Nikki W. said...

I agree with your last answers. I believe that they wanted to start fresh and not be back in the same home with the memories that maybe bad or difficult to take living in there when they got taken away. Good Post.