Friday, November 21, 2008

Going Home Where There Is No Home.

(Picture of the anti-semitism graffiti against the Jews)

How did the Nazis determine if someone was Jewish?

The Nazis determined if someone was Jewish by many different ways. One way was by the way they looked. If people had brown hair and brown eyes they were thought to be a Jew. Another way was by where they lived. If they lived in a Jewish community then they where considered a Jew. Also, by their background like if they where born a Jew or had Jewish ancestors. If they converted to the Jewish religion they where taken to be a Jew.

If a Christian says they are not a Christian, are they still a Christian?

No, because being a Christian is a choice. You might be born into a Christian household, but ultimately it is your choice to follow or not. Christian is not a race, it is not something that you are born into since it is just a religion.

If a Jewish woman marries a Gentile, is the man considered Jewish?

No he is not because the Torah says that the mother has to be Jewish for the children to be Jewish. So since his mother was not Jewish he cannot be Jewish either. It does not matter who he marries. His children will be Jewish since he married a Jewish woman. The only way the man can become Jewish is if he converts, he cannot marry a Jewish woman to become Jewish.


Night ends with Elie surviving. What happened to the survivors of the Holocaust? Did they return home? Why or why not? How did the international community help them?

Some Holocaust survivors returned home and others did not. Some could not return to their homes because they did not have homes anymore. They were taken over by anti-semitics who were rioting against the Jews. It was almost impossible for Jews to go home in Poland. Many Jews went to "Displaced Persons Camps" which became their new home. Also, many Jews moved to Great Britain, France, Canada, and America to begin a new life. The international community helped them by opening their borders and allowing them to move to their country.


By: Smartie Pants, Constanca, Crouching Tiger Hidden Shelby, Pop Tart, and Schviener Shnitzel


Jack Marie said...

Your post was very good! I agree with your first answer when you said how a person looks...If they had blond hair and blue eyes, you can be well aware that isn't a Jewish person. We had talked about that in our Holocaust Lit class that I'm taking. Then your last 2 answers were really good as well. Wise choice of putting the resources down. Great post!

Michael said...

When you talked about the blond hair blue eyes about not being a Jew. I did not know about that until i took this class that is very interesting good Job on your post

Kyle said...

I agree that your religion is something that you choose to follow. If your parents are Christian, their is a better chance you will be Christian but you cannot be forced to. Nice post.