Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jews and Gentiles

How did the Nazis determine if someone was Jewish?
They would look back at people’s histories and see if their ancestors were Jews and even if their great grandfather were a Jew they would still consider them a Jew by relation. Also, the German soldiers would walk into the synagogues and demand the membership list from the rabbi. (wiki.answers.com)

If a Christian says they are not a Christian, are they still a Christian?
If a Christian denies being a Christian are they still a Christian? If they deny being a Christian it’s like they’re denying God. And if your denying God your not a true Christian. And you can believe in something else that isn’t God, so therefore you would not be a Christian. But that does not make you a bad person.

If a Gentile marries a Jew it doesn’t make the Gentile a Jew unless they decide to convert to a Jew?
Just being married to someone doesn’t mean you must have the same faith. Many people choose to convert to their spouse’s religion but some stick to their own faith. (wiki.answers.com)

-Natasha A., Wade T., Seyd P., Donnie P., Shelby R.


Natasha said...

great post guys. i really liked your responses. the picture is also really neat. keep up the good work ; )

Andrea said...

good post. I like the picture. But on the last question, if a Jewish man marries a Gentile he is not considered a Jew. If a Jewish women marries a Gentile then she is still Jewish. But I don't agree with that. I agree on what you said.