Monday, November 17, 2008

God on Trial

1. Our God would let that happen, because he is testing us of our faith. God doesn't cause the suffering, but instead he allows it to happen to see how strong our love for him is. We are not puppets on a string that God has to control us, but he gives us the choice to make our own decisions to see how strong our faith is.

2. Yes and No. We do not know exactly how to answer this question, but we will explain from both points of view. We say yes because the Jewish race could have been falling away from God and in order for God to get them back he needed to have a "wake up call" to show just exactly how powerful he is. People have to understand he is just not a loving God but a jealous God and if people start disobeying him and sinning against him, things can happen that not everyone can understand.

We also say no. We say no because all things happen for a reason and God can use very bad situations to help others. We think maybe the Holocaust happened in order to help the Germans who were lost and didn't know God. They may of needed something as dramatic as this to realize how they were living their life was in sin and going against Gods will.

3. In our opinion, what happened, happened for a reason that only God knows so it shouldn't be up to us to say whether the punishment was right or not. We shouldn't question God.

4. Yes, the suffering is a test of faith. We answered this in question one, the stronger their faith was, the better off their afterlife was because they went to heaven, and got away from the "the hell on Earth."

5. He does help his people in ways we will never understand. But we do understand what he does is eventually the best for his people. He can use bad situations to make something better happen, like we explained above. We also explained that God gives us choices including the leaders of the Holocaust who killed many Jews. It was their choice to do what they did.

6. Judaism is both a religion and a race. God was a Jew in race, but a Christian by religion.

7. The Nazis based their selection on what they looked like. If they looked like a Jew, then they were captured. They didn't care if they actually practiced the Jewish religion, they took them anyway.


EndZoneFreenzy_CardinalFootball said...

Great Post. I agree with Everything!

Nikki W. said...

I agree with your post. I like how you said "the stronger the faith was, the better off their afterlife was because they went to heaven, and got away from the "the hell on Earth". I think that is true if they have a strong faith they could get through some of the issues they faced. Good Job!

Jack Marie said...

I like how you said that we shouldn't question God. Or how you said he needed a wake up call. And I agree how you said Judaism is both a race and a religion! My group said the same thing! Keep it up

Shelby E. said...

Good post. I agree with what you guys said. I do believe that the suffering was a test of faith. I liked the sentence where you said "...the stronger their faith was, the better off their afterlife was because they went to heaven, and got away from hell on earth."

Wade said...

If God is so powerful, why does He not help His people? Well are the Jews really his people? I agree with you guys almost 100%, but you have said it once. Nobody knows how god works, he works in very strange ways. And as a believer in Christ I don't believe he would do this but maybe he is punishing the Jews. But I really agree with the first paragraph. About how we pretty much use God. It is so true, everyone that says they believe and actually mean it have done that. I am even guilty of it, you go on with life care free and don't speak with God for weeks to months then once something comes along BAM! You expect him to be there. Great paragraph and overall good post.

***SHANO THE DRAINO*** said...

I agree with your post. Your group went into good detail on most of your answers and also backed up your answer. I agree with your answer to number one that God was testing them. I agree with you when you say"everything happens for a reason". I think you could of put more thought into your answer to number three.

Wade said...

O sorry that was to the wrong post haha. Sorry that made like no sense.

katrinalogan said...

Shano, we didn't really elaborate on number three because we are unsure on it. We don't know why God did it and we never will. All we know is he did for a reason that is unknown. We maybe should of written a little bit more but we never know what God is thinking and why he does the things he does.

Ha Wade it's cool. I was a bit confused when i read it, but i understand now. [: