Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Ideas.. and Opinions

Why is there so much suffering in the world and what kind of God would allow it to happen?

Although our group is not strongly religious, we think that God was making martyrs of his people to show the world what could happen to them, what life could really be like. We don't know what kind of God watches his "chosen" people suffer. God gave all people free will to choose what direction their life goes. This question is hard to answer because of our own beliefs so we can't really speak for the Jews because we believe differently. Every individual has their own personal beliefs so who are we to say its wrong or to judge their higher power. No person has the right to judge another, we all just have the right to live our own lives the way we feel is best.

Is God punishing the Jews?

We cannot answer for God or the Jews so this question is really pointless to go into. I mean it would be convinient if God would occasionally send us a letter or a phone call sometime to tell us what he is thinking. But in reality God is all about faith so we have no idea what his real motivations are, if he has any at all.

Does the punishment fit the crime?

Was there a crime? I mean I don't see any reason why any person should be tortured like that. I can't imagine even putting someone who murdered my family through that, much less an innocent Jew. Especially for their beliefs. Imean how can it hurt YOU if someone over there believes something different than you? We can all live in harmony and agree to disagree. I just can't see how this could ever be just, no matter the crime.

Is their suffering a test of faith?

Whether or not their suffering in the holocaust was a test of faith, their faith was tested. It was the ultimate test of forgiveness, because if they would harbor hate towards their killers then it would ultimately kill them in the process. No matter what evil would prevail. By returning their suffering with forgiveness they would let the hate go and would have the courage and strength to go on. It was pretty much survival of the most resilient.

If God is so powerful, why does He not help His people?

Again, who are we to judge? Maybe God was trying to see if his people would do anything about it or just wait around for him to stop it. Maybe he was trying to see how much they valued their life, if they would fight for it. The ones who fought back successfully survived-whether their faith was intact or not-and the ones who didn't died. We can't know why he didn't help the people because hes a mysterious dude who isn't into straight forward letters and calls, he insists that everything be all metaphorical.

Is Judaism a religion or a race?

Judiasm is a religion and a race just like Catholisism.

How did the Nazis determine who was Jewish and who was not?

The Nazis determined who was Jewish by looks, name, businesses, who went to church, what they ate, etc. If they lived the lifestyle of Jews then they were considered Jewish.

We realize that our beliefs in this post a very different to a lot of other people's views on this blog. We just want to say that although you disagree just do it gracefully because we take your ideas for what they are: opinions. Everyone can have an opinion, just keep ours in mind too.

By: E-Dizzle, Chop Suey, and Ray-D-Ation (and if ashtard was here we'd wear rainbow socks)


Natasha said...

I really liked your post. The part where it said it would be nice if God would send us a letter or give us a call. As funny or comical as that may sound, its the truth. It would be nice. How do we know if we are doing life the right way?

Wade said...

Nice nick-names...thats really cool.

suzy said...

You put all these questions on here about religion that no one has answers for and you dont think we are going to try to lighten up the situation.

E-Dizzle said...

We were just trying to loosen up. All of our group was uncomfortable answering the questions. Sorry if it offended you. Maybe we could do something where we could laugh and not be depressed?

E-Dizzle said...

Thanks Wade! we are pretty fly with our nick names. :D

Wade said...

Yeah no problem my group thought about getting some fly nick names but, well we couldn't think of any extremely radical names like E-dizzle
or ashtard?

***SHANO THE DRAINO*** said...

I agree with most of your post.I think you could of put more thought into your answer number two. I agree there was no crime, the Jews didn't do anything to them. I also agree with your answer to "is Judaism a religion or a race. But overall good post!

E-Dizzle said...

Well the key to a good nick name is all about the unique-ness of it. Its gotta be something that not everyone else can have. You guys can definitely achieve radical status with some nick names! And if you are feeling daring some rainbow socks. :D

Wade said...

Uh...what ever that hole rainbow sock thing is...Sure. I don't really get the rainbow sock and sounds a little femmie, so we'll stay away from that.

E-Dizzle said...

Rainbow socks are a very important part of radical status. You must embrace the awesomeness they exude.

Wade said...

Ok, dude way to big of words to embrace any and all awesomeness.