Monday, October 6, 2008

1. Zionism is the theory that the only way to keep anti-Semitism from growing was to create an independent Jewish state.

2. An anti-Semite is someone who is prejudiced against Jews.

3. Foreign Jews were deported first because the population of foreign Jews was not as large as the others. Therefore the Germans thought that by taking a smaller group of people that it wouldn't be as alarming to the rest of the Jews.

4. The duties of the Gestapo were to secretly carry out the orders of the Nazi party. Before deportation, the Gestapo officers enforced laws on the Jews, and completely stripped the Jews of all their rights. Then, they rounded up the Jews, put them on the cattle cars, and deported them to the concentration camps. Once there, the Jews were stripped of all their valuables by the officers.

5. Rosh Hashana is the Jewish new year. The name literally means "the head of the year". During this time, Jewish people look back on the mistakes of the previous year and plan for the changes they will make in the following year.

6. Elizer prayed because he it was just a part of his everyday life. When he pondered on the question of why he prayed, he says "Why do i pray? Strange question. Why did i live? Why did i breathe?". Elizer needed to pray, like he needed to breathe and live.

7. Hasidic defines the part of Europe where certain Jews were from. It identified the specific place in which the Jews lived.

8. The central tenet of Maimonides was based on the importance and integrity of logic, mathematics, metaphysics and science. It was important to keep your mind on the sciences, and learning, instead of religion.
By:Elizabeth, Taylor, Sam H, Sam G, and Katrina


Jackie said...

I really like the answers that you gave and the last one is kind of long. Which is great but my group had a hard time finding the answer to that question. I just thought that I would tell you something. Your group sounds really smart about the Holocaust.

Jack Marie said...

On #3 I think that it didn't matter weather the Germans took a small or large group first. The whole reason was to scare the Jews and break them down. They wanted them to become weak as fast as possible.

katrinalogan said...

Thank you Jackie for your very nice comment. We appreciate it. :D

Lindee said...

We like how you guys answered number 6. Its really kind of true like he asked why do I pray, but yet why do I live? Simply because you have to do what ever it takes to go on. And praying is what keeps life going.

Andrea, Brady, Kyle, Lindee

Natasha said...

We thought your answers were ok, but we really think that you could have tied the answers in with some evidence from the book, just to give your answers more support. But other than that you answered them very well.