Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter Two- Extended

If we had been on the train, we would not have known what to do. There was so much going on that there would have been so much confusion. Also, we would have been so scared. Therefore, we probably wouldn't have done anything. Like everyone else, we would have probably gone insane. As for whether or not Mrs. Schacter was having a premonition or a mental breakdown, we think it was a little of both. She was actually seeing the fire of the crematorium, which was a premonition, but if she had been in the right state of mind, she would have known to not create even more panic. Also, she was getting beat to death and she didn't fight back. Anyone would have quit with the yelling after multiple beatings. When the Jews arrived at Birkenau and the doors of the train opened, showing the flames from the crematorium, they were scared for their lives. We think that when they first saw the flames, a feeling of regret must have passed through their mind. But then after getting over the shock, the Jews had to have been more concerned about their fate. Death would have been more terrifying and disturbing than the thought of how they treated Mrs. Schacter.

By the Awesome Group: Elizabeth, Sam H, Sam G, Stud Logan (Katrina), and Taylor


Jackie G. said...

I think that your group did a great job on putting all of the answers into one.

Jack Marie said...

On question # 2 it was a bit of both. That is what my group had put also. But I have a question for you, would you fought back if a bunch of people were hitting you? I know I wouldn't! I would have been scared and wouldn't do anything after my first beating. But I still understand where your answers are coming from! Good Post all in all!! :)