Monday, October 20, 2008

To Regret or Not To Regret

1) What would you have done if you were on the train?

If we were on the train we probably wouldn't have done much of anything. We wouldn't have been the one beating the woman, nor would we have stopped anyone from beating her. The silence would have been a relief after all of the chaos that was going on. We can't imagine being on the cattle car, packed with nothing to eat or drink.

2)When Mrs. Schachter saw the fire, was it a mental breakdown or was it a premonition? Defend your answer.
We think that Mrs. Schachter was probably having a mental breakdown. She was probably having a mental breakdown because lack of water and food. With extreme conditions like those, it makes it very believable that she was having a mental breakdown. Another reason we think that she had a mental breakdown was because we don't believe that they were yet close enough to see the fire or furnace, and she had could not have previously been there to see it. She also might have been thinking of what Moishe the Beetle said, then as they got closer she might have started believing what he said.

3)What was going through the minds of the Jews when the doors of the train opened and they saw the flames from the crematorium? Were they in a state of mind to feel regret for their actions against Madame Schachter?

We believe the Jews were instantly thinking of torture and death as soon as the doors of the train opened. The flames from the crematorium might have made them think Madame Schachter had not been crazy all along. We don't think they felt regret for beating Mrs. Schachter because they were not worrying about previous events but focusing on what was ahead. They also would not have felt regret because they needed her to be quiet so they could have some peace and so they would not get in trouble by the officers in charge.
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Siebz said...

As before, I don't agree with that they didn't regret for beating her. I do honestly believe that they felt bad for beating her because in the end she was right after all. They she was silent for the rest of the time.

Jackie G. said...

I kind of disagree with one thing you said. They were close enough to fire to see it when they arrived to the concentration camps.

Shelby E. said...

I don't know if I agree with you Alex. Why would they regret beating her? I agree with them on this one. They wanted to keep her quiet. Although they did see the fire in the end I still don't think they would regret this.

Shelby Lynn said...

I partially disagree with your answer for question two. She might of had a little bit of a mental breakdown but she had a very vivid image in her mind and she was obviously very disturbed by it which makes me think that it almost had to be a premonition.

Natasha said...

Alex....again, they didn't beat her because of WHAT she was screaming, they beat her because she was putting all of them at risk. And, seriously, if you arrive at some place where you have strange people beating you, yelling at you to do this and do that, you're not going to be like, "Oh, I sure am sorry for what I did to that woman on the train." That is going to be something farthest from your mind.

Jackie G. said...
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Danielle said...

Just for those who may be confused - "Alex" is "Siebz"