Friday, December 19, 2008

Blogging Reflection

I have learned an incredible amount through this blogging experience. I really did not have any prior knowledge of the Holocaust. The blogging experience has been great for me in both learning and working with others. It is been very helpful in letting me work with others and getting others input which has helped me to broaden my perspective.

However, I think we should have spent more time working on research papers and writing in M.L.A. style. We should work on researching and writing for a paper more often in my opinion.

Overall, this was a good thing for us to do because we were still writing and getting critiqued on our writing. It helped us because we got more than one person's point of view on our posts which brought up more things for us to work on. This will help me to form into a better writer in the future.
-Tyler Abma

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