Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Elie in my opinion should forgive the wrong doings of his Nazi persecutors. Forgiveness is an important role in life for people to be able to have peace and harmony in the world. However, Elie should give forgiveness because God says that all people should forgive everyone. I know that with this circumstance it would be hard to trust in God, but no matter the problem Elie should trust, forgive, and be able to move on with his life. If he does not forgive and continues to dwell in the past Elie is never going to be content with life. Forgiveness is just part of every day, without it there is never going to be anything to anybody’s life and no one would ever be happy or content with themselves or anyone else. In time, people will just have to face that God will do everything for a reason whether we like it or not. We may never understand why the hurting happens but have to trust that it is the right thing for the time and just learn to forgive and trust that in time all will be well.

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