Friday, December 19, 2008

What was the question again?

My view over this semesters assignments and activities is positive. Going over the Holocaust was a good thing for myself and many of my other classmates. The blogging taught me a lot about being nice to other people no matter how many grammatical errors they make, and with that, how to look over the errors and into the content of what is being said. The thing which touched my heart and I learned so much from was the video clip of the man on the train. This man had driven the cattle trains so often he knew exactly how to control the train so it would stop right in front of the Auschwitz sign. The only thing I would change would be the research paper. It was excruciating, especially when they had to be done the first week of school. It nearly killed us all. Although I did not like to do this paper I did learn a lot researching about it that I had never before known about the Holocaust. When we shared our power points as a class I had a greater opportunity to learn what others had learned and to expand my knowledge of this topic.
Love, Jordan Byrum

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