Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reason for forgiveness

All people should have forgiveness. None of us should carry around a burden of hatred and regret that will eat away at us on the inside turning ourselves into cold dark shells. Many people believe that you should not forgive somebody that is unrepentant. Those who choose not to forgive condemn themselves with a life of hatred. More hatred and regret comes out from living life in darkness, once you hold on to that hatred devastating effects come from that as a repercussion; you begin to feel angrier and you take it out on everything in your way for absolutely no reason. Without forgiveness there cannot be any happiness, without happiness there is no real reason for life. Elie should forgive the Nazis, what happened in the past happened and no one can change it; no one should dwell and linger in the past for it causes more darkness. To move on and forgive the Nazis, Elie would regain happiness and live life easier not full of all the darkness that comes from not forgiving them. All people should forgive others whether or not they deserve it; no one wants to live life as an empty shell. No one wants to live through life without happiness. With forgiveness comes happiness; with happiness comes peace and tranquility along with serenity.

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