Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgiveness bringing Peace of Mind

When it comes to the act of forgiveness you have to put your feelings and past behind you. Forgiving is important because it helps yourself and others move on from whatever situation that has intruded in your life where people may do you wrong, in this case being the Holocaust. Everyone makes mistakes, that is part of being human and no matter how horrible the situation a person has the right to be forgiven at least once. The right thing to do is a different opinion among most people. Everyone has a right to an opinion and relying forgiveness on opinions does not make sense. Once you forgive someone for their actions they can go on living their life and fixing what they did and you can go on living peacefully. If a person asks your forgiveness then they are sorry for their actions and they have courage enough to admit that they have done wrong. Although not all who ask for forgiveness should be forgiven, there are some who only ask forgiveness for their own well being, but they will never change their ways. There will always be different opinions on whether or not to forgive another person but most will find it in their hearts to forgive.

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