Friday, December 19, 2008


This experience throughout the semester has been amazing. I was never really interested in the Holocaust, until this class. I learned so much about the holocaust and now i know how important it was. I had actually read the book "night" once before this class and didn't really like it, never really understood it. Mr. N helped me with that, this blogging helped a lot also. I had know idea how to blog, i didn't even know what blogging was until this class lol.. I got to other students from somewhere else, there was a lot of criticizing but you learn how other people think and how they feel on the matter also. It is nice to have people you agree, and also people that you can argue your point with. It is amazing how you get to have your own opionion on everything. All and All i love this semester it was a wonderful experience that i would like to have in more classes.

Thank you Mr. Sir------Ashley

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