Friday, December 19, 2008


The blogging experience has been different, but interesting. At first I did not like blogging, at all. Once we got further into the assignments, blogging became more interesting. I really liked the heated discussions, and even was interested to hear the different opinions of the other kids. Even though I, as well as others, got kind of defensive of our opinions, it was what made the whole experience interesting. The specific assignments brought up alot of interesting topics like forgiveness and faith, and really made you have to think for yourself. And I really enjoyed actually having to think seriously about things that actually mattered. I have also learned alot about the Holocaust from the different perspectives of Holocaust survivors. I do wish we could do more writing assignments though. It seems to me that with the commenting our writing isn't focused on as much. I know that when I go to college next year I want to be confident of my writing techniques. With the commenting and group posts, (even though we are graded on it) we don't really get any feedback on if what we are writing is correct.

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