Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The path to FORGIVENESS is not always the easiest one to take.

When asked about the topic of forgiveness one must understand that it is not always so easy to forgive as it should be; especially, if they have been betrayed by their own human race. In the case of Elie Wiesel, he should not forgive the horrible acts done to him even though some might say forgiveness is the path to inner peace. Elie should never have to forgive the people who took everything from him; his pride, health, even his family, all of which gone in the end without even a single ‘sorry’ by one of the Nazis. In the Jewish religion, since God has no say in whether man can forgive man, Elie has no duty to forgive the Nazis. It has no impact on Gods decision to let him into Heaven or not, so as long as he stayed a good Jew he would still be able to get a free pass into Heaven. In conclusion Elie should not be judged if he decides not to forgive those people, but should be accepted as someone who could not find enough strength to forgive and forget.

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