Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Elie should forgive those who have persecuted him, although they treated him in the worst ways because everyone deserves second chances no matter how badly they have sinned. If everyone can repent and get forgiveness from God, then everyone should be able to obtain forgiveness from human beings because no sin is greater than another sin. On the other hand, some sins deserve more punishment then others do, it takes longer to forgive people who have sinned in such ways. Those who have persecuted him have been punished for their actions and now deserve forgiveness from him. It would make his life much easier and it would rid his mind of bottled up anger. If he were to go on with his life and never forgive them, he would live with regret and always feel anger towards them when it’s not healthy to hold grudges, especially in this situation. Elie really needs to get in sync with his spiritual side, he needs to get closer with God and let Him help him through this because it would really relieve him of any stress. Forgiveness is a difficult thing and forgetting is close to impossible, but the world needs forgiveness.

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Jackie G. said...

I like how you put your post. Especially in a different color. But what I really liked in your post was how you put everyone deserves second chances. That is correct in my eyes because if you don't give the person a second chance how can they show that they have changed. Some people that you give a second chance to will mess it up again and again so yea