Friday, December 19, 2008


In my opinion the blogging assignments have been pretty fun, but i'm not sure how helpful it will be to us for college next year. As far as how much we learned on the subject, The Holocaust, was great. I learned so much more about it and now i have a little better understanding of how much really took place back in that day. It is a very interesting topic. Blogging does help me to write better because i am able to express my words and opinions but in a good way because you make us write with proper grammar. When blogging we have to write alot so i do think that it helps us in our writing, and to find better ways to express ourselves in a respectful way.

I think that blogging could be a good thing, but in small proportions. As a senior, I feel that I need to know more about writing papers than blogging for when I go on to college. I don't think that just throwing a research paper on us will prepare us either. I think that we need to break it down and learn the fundamentals of a paper, rather than just writing one. Again, I did like blogging, I thought it was fun and helpful to be able to work with other students my age and write back in forth our opinions and have discussions between us.

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Jack Marie said...

Hey. I do agree with you when you say it hardly helped us. Yes, it helps us with our grammar and what not. But other than that it didn't really help much. we didn't just learn about the Holocaust though. To me, we've learned way more. Just open your eyes and see it. We learned from each other! No joke. That is how I feel at least! But other than that, I do agree with your response! Good Job! :D