Friday, December 19, 2008

Work and Play all Darn Day

Learning about the Holocaust brought many feelings to me that were both positive and negative at times. Reading and studying about how people were affected and all of the torture and loss of the Holocaust definitely brought a sad negative feeling, but it is important to learn what happened in the past so it can be prevented in the future, and the souls of the past can be fondly remembered. My research paper that I wrote over the Holocaust was based around Dr. Mengele and his medical experiments at Auschwitz. I was horrified at the level of cruelty Dr. Mengele went to, and mostly towards children. I learned so many things, not necessarily that I wanted to know, but it is important to know. The blogging experience has been completely positive! Of course there was a bit of disagreement between my College English class and the McCool class, but everyone has their own opinion and I think we did a good job respecting that. Commenting on posts has given everyone constructive criticism and its an awesome way for us to be able to have the chance to understand how others view and interpret our writing so that we can practice and get better, because nobody is perfect. We also had many chances to show our creativity while showing how much we learned. An example of this would be the powerpoint we created and presented to the class. I like powerpoints because they are easy and you can throw your own personal style and fun in there with colors and patterns! So overall this has been a positive and fun experience and I'm going to miss it in a way after I graduate.

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