Friday, December 19, 2008

Reflectionnnnnn :D

Well. My opinion on this whole blogging ordeal was half and half. I enjoyed the whole topic of the blogging. The Holocaust interests me in good ways. But, i don't think that blogging will help us in the near future of college. I think that as Juniors this would of been a good activity for them at that age. But, as Seniors (i know people will hate this when i say this) i think we need to do more on how to write papers, and techniques of writing. I also think that we didn't get to express our feelings as we wanted to. You would get us in trouble for saying things that weren't even "hurtful," whenever they could say rude things and we couldn't even defend ourselves without you yelling at us, or you deleting one of our comments. But other than that, I didn't mind it. It was fun

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