Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgive But Do Not Forget

Saying the word forgiveness can be an easy thing to say, but in reality when you are faced with having to forgive someone the action seems harder to do. Elie should follow the word of God, overcome the hatred in his heart, and find strength inside himself and his faith to forgive the Nazis. The only way Elie will ever live in happiness again is to forgive, but he should never forget since the Holocaust will always be a part of his life. The Nazis did do terrible things to the Jewish people, they killed five million of their people and tortured many others, and unfortunately overcoming this is a hard thing to do. However, to stop being a victim Elie needs to forgive. Elie is a survivor, he needs let go of the hurtful strings by telling people his story, this way he can take a step toward forgiveness. Forgiveness can be a long process when people have done horrific things to you; however, some people need to go through this process in order to achieve inner peace. Elie needs to forgive, but not forget.

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Kyle said...

This is a great post. I wrote my piece on why not to forgive but yours is probably one that might make me think about a little bit. Nice work.