Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Without forgiveness, there is no happiness. A person who does not forgive could continue on with their life, move on to different things, and think that they are happy, but in their heart there would always be a place of bitterness, grief, and anger; they would never truly be happy. Yes, Elie should forgive the Nazis, even though they probably do not deserve it. It is easily understandable why no one would want to forgive them, considering all the impossibly horrible things they did to innocent people. However, what is done is done, no one can go back and change what happened, and it can not be undone. Harboring anger and unforgiveness for something that can not be changed only continues to destroy a person from the inside out. The only way to stop the destruction and to heal the wound is to grant forgiveness. It is not our place to hold on to things and to judge those who have wronged us, the Lord is the one who judges and avenges the wrongs against us. Let go and let God.

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