Friday, December 19, 2008

This Blog Experience

This blogging experience has taught me more things about myself than anything else. I learned, for me, it is easier to criticise other people than to build them up. I realized it is easier to be a jerk than to be nice on a deep level. I would rather give fluff answers than really get into a deep conversation when I disagree with the other person. On a different note, I learned how to blog since I never have blogged before. I also gained more knowledge about the Holocaust overall. This blog helped me see how other people veiw the Holocaust in a different light. I must say I would rather do blogs than write research papers. This was easier to go on and come up with new ideas than to sit down and write a couple page research paper. In the beginning, I would have never said this. I had a deep hatred of computers but now Im ok with them.

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