Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To forgive

A major contribution to trying to get over being a victim of the Holocaust is forgiveness; you have the choice to forgive or to have an everlasting hatred toward them, in most religions forgiveness the best possible way to feel a peace in life. Some religions indicate such as the Jews believe there are two types of forgiveness. There is human forgiveness, which is between the transgressions of man and man, and that God cannot forgive the transgressions Gods forgiveness between God and man that humans cannot forgive the transgressions. Over a short period, it would be hard to forgive any one whose pure hatred ruined millions of lives for generations to come, but over time, most would realize if they did not forgive the Nazis they could go on living there lives with that huge blackness in there life. Most would say in life forgiveness is everything and without it, there would be emptiness in life. Everyone should forgive one another for any wrong doing that might in some way ruined there lives, no matter on how hard it would be for them. Elie should forgive the Nazis.

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