Friday, December 19, 2008

My Final Post!

By doing this blog I learned that I can be a good writer. I have never done a blog before so I learned a lot about it by going through this experience. Also I guess I can be a blunt person some times. It taught me how you communicate better with people through writing where you do not come off as rude or mean. I really like how we got to comment on other people's blog, it showed me the areas I need to work on.

What I liked was reading the book, Night, it made you really think about the Holocaust did to people. I did not like having to write the research paper at the beginning of the year. We had just got back to school so I was not ready for that. It was to demanding of you to make us do that at a early stage of school. But I did learn a lot more imformation about the Holocaust that I did not already know. It really prepared me for the upcoming blog. The whole blog experience was alright. I did not really like how we could not put our true feelings on the comments. Even though they would have been really mean. It was weird at first having to do the blog, but it got more normal during the end. Commenting was really what I did not like having to do. It was hard to find things to talk about on them that were not "fluffy". Other than that I thought that this was a fun experience and enjoyed it.

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