Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgiveness = Happiness

One major theme of the Holocaust deals with the topic of forgiveness and raises the basic questions of whether or not to forgive the Nazis for their terrible acts of persecution. There are many different opinions that arise when people hear this question, and in a personal opinion, my belief is that OVER TIME the Jewish people almost have to forgive the Nazi people for there terrible acts. After enduring such acts and being a survivor of this terrible tragedy, living a life full of hatred afterwards would be a miserable life to have. There will be people who will not forgive the Nazi people what so ever, and will have an everlasting hatred towards the Nazi race, but by keeping this burning hatred, those people’s lives are ruined. Those people that do not release this anger and frustration are bothered for the rest of their lives. It would be absurd to think that a Jewish person could quickly forgive the Nazis, but overtime, working through all the grief and pain eventually, to be happy, they would have to release the anger and forgive the Nazi race. The Bible says it best, you must forgive people who have done you wrong, it may be very hard but you must do so.

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Nikki W. said...

I agree with you it does take time to forgive someone like that. If it was me there going through what he did it would take years for me to forgive them or maybe I wouldn't, It just takes time. I do agree with your post to a certain point. Good Job!